Sturm German Army WWII Sniper Anorak Reproduction
Sturm German Army WWII Sniper Anorak Reproduction Tan & Water Camo / III (56/58)



Sturm German Army WWII Sniper Anorak Reproduction


Vendor: Sturm

Product type: Jackets

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Sturm German Army WWII Sniper Anorak Reproduction


  • Style: This modern blouse has a clic look and a simple basic design and can therefore be combined in many ways. This chic tunic can be worn on warmer days as a short sleeve or on other days as a long sleeve.
  • Fashion details: The Malito blouse has a long button placket and is in an oversize look. The sleeves of the tunic can be rolled up and are each fastened with a button on the sleeve.
  • Other
  • Machine Wash
  • Modern Fit
  • Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve
  • Malito more than fashion: Malito is a brand dedicated to Italian fashion, bringing the most modern trends to Germany. The Malito brand is worn worldwide and is a trendy fashion brand.
  • Care instructions: Machine washable at 30 °C.



Product description

Brand new reproduction WW2 German Heer camouflage smocks in Splinter pattern.

The German Heer was the first military to issue camouflage to soldiers in large numbers. Splittertarnmuster (splinter-pattern) was first developed for elite units such as Fallschirmjager but was later issued to regular infantry.

The material is a more lightweight cotton than our other camo smocks, ideal for summer use, hence we can offer a reduced price.

These are great value for the money.

Made from 100% Cotton.


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