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Ovject Enamel Hook Mug With Removable Handle

Ovject Enamel Hook Mug With Removable Handle Features & Specifications:-Enamel allows you to enjoy the real taste of your beverage, without any loss of flavor-Matte, ceramic-like texture-Wide r...



Ovject Enamel Mug

Ovject Enamel Mug Features & Specifications:-A soft, simple shape and the artistically irregular feel of an aesthetically deep glaze-A 300 ml size perfect for daily use in an array of genres fr...


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Ovject Enamel Bowl

Ovject Enamel Bowl Features & Specifications:-Sophisticated thin enamel that makes use of the rich texture like ceramics and the strength of metal-Can be reheated in an open flame or oven and c...


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Ovject Enamel Rim Plate

Ovject Enamel Rim Plate Features & Specifications:-Rim Plates that combine a gentle ceramic ware like feel with the strength of an unbreakable steel plate-Usable on direct flame and in ovens fo...

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