Sturm German Army Style Trifold Shovel With Pouch
Sturm German Army Style Trifold Shovel With Pouch



Sturm German Army Style Trifold Shovel With Pouch


Vendor: Sturm

Product type: Pouches

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Sturm German Army Style Trifold Shovel With Pouch


Mil-Tec 2,5 mm US Trifold Shovel With Pouch (15522050) is a practical tool from the German Mil-Tec brand. For years, the company has been offering its customers clothing and various tools and accessories useful during outdoor activities.

Made of durable metal. In order to protect against corrosion, the whole thing has been covered with a special black paint. The tool has been designed in an extremely thoughtful way. The shovel is not only made of three parts, thanks to which it takes up very little space after folding, but also, apart from the basic function, the product is equipped with additional functionalities. The US Trifold shovel can be locked in two positions, so it can also be used as a hoe. The edges of the spatula are fitted with a straight ball. The set includes a very durable cover made of PVC. The rigid cover allows you to conveniently carry the tool, e.g. on a belt with gear or a tactical vest.

The Mil-Tec minesweeper is a tool that will come in handy when performing camp work, such as bushcraft or survival. The small dimensions make the shovel easily fit into your outdoor equipment.


Product features:

  • Material: Metal
  • Finish: Black protective paint
  • Length when unfolded: 570 mm
  • Dimensions after folding: 230x150 mm
  • Manufacturer: Mil-Tec


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