Captain Stag Rock Salt Plate (7103049269432)
Captain Stag Rock Salt Plate Silver (7103049269432)
Captain Stag Rock Salt Plate (7103049269432)



Captain Stag Rock Salt Plate


Vendor: Captain Stag

Product type: Utensils

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Captain Stag Rock Salt Plate M-9420


A natural rock salt from the Himalayas that enhances the deliciousness.
The high-quality salt content of the rock salt plate is moderately absorbed by the ingredients to add salt.

[Effect of rock salt plate]
(1) A far-infrared effect is generated from the heated rock salt plate and slowly passes through to the core of the food.
(2) Rock salt is rich in minerals and absorbs excess water, so seafood and vegetables are deliciously finished.
(3) The finish is very healthy because the rock salt absorbs the excess oil of the meat placed on the plate.

[How to use]
Place a rock salt plate on the grilled sardines.
Heat the stove, shichirin, etc., and when the heat is applied to the entire plate, place the ingredients on the plate and bake.
Please enjoy with your favorite heat. Also, if the rock salt plate becomes severely scorched, turn it over and continue using it.
* For foods with a lot of water, rock salt will dissolve and it will be easy to burn. If it gets burnt, turn the plate over and use it. If both sides are scorched, gently scrape off the scorching with a knife and then use again. Be careful not to cut your fingers or hands.

Product size (approx.) 155 x 100 x 25 mm thick
Weight (approx.) 870g
Material (Quality) Himalayan rock salt
Country of origin Pakistan


Since 1976 - Japanese outdoor brand

Captain Stag of outdoor and leisure related products. Starting with barbecue stoves and outdoor tableware, they expanded the items to tents, sleeping bags, cooking tables, and more.
Currently, it has expanded its field to include cycling equipment, canoeing equipment, and gardening equipment, and has become an all-round outdoor brand.

Ease of use based on the idea that "it is meaningless to exist if you lean toward a conservative idea too much to aim for the top, or if you are too particular about the structure and the price is out of reach". Putting ease of purchase first, we aim to develop comprehensive products to support a more comfortable and enjoyable outdoor life.


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